Weekly Sessions

The course is made up of 1 session per-week for 12 weeks. These include: 

  • Tutor-led development workshops
  • Industry-led
  • Student-led research

Your Tutor-Led Sessions

Your Tutors will coordinate the main programme, crafting the overall shape of the course, making sure you get access to all of the key elements and information for Music, Creative and Digital Entrepreneurship

Industry-Led panels and Masterclasses

Each week, different industry experts including promoters, artists and musicians, label and publishing representatives, artist managers will be on hand to give you their insight and tips

Student-Led Research

Your tutors will work with you to make sure you get the most of out the course, with the areas you want to learn about.  If you’re an artist, want to work in the music industry or have an idea you want to bring to life, we will help you get a head start

Your Resources

The course is designed to give you access to resources and techniques that you can utilise long after you have ended your first course with Sound City. By making use of publicly available resources, and well curated collections, students of Sound City Music Entrepreneurs Training are prepared for life beyond the classroom.

Google Drive - Into the Cloud

All of the tutor led sessions will have materials, documents and presentations stored in google drive. As well as the location of most of your course materials, you will be learning how to utilise Google Drive as a central administrative and content development tool.  

Social Media Focus - Finding Currents in the Ocean

The centre of audience development, new ideas, trending and viral works, navigating social networks and web 2.0 more generally can in itself be a full time pursuit. From tweet deck to funding to Wordpress, Sound City have the carefully researched links helps you to find the right paths, as well as how to manage and coordinate your own.

Contacts and Links

Through our masterclasses and networking events, you will be introduced first hand to professional creatives in the Liverpool and nationally, and be shown the right meeting points and events to attend, as well as being given opportunities for further development.

Having graduated from the Sound City Music Entrepreneurship Course whilst at university, I was offered a part time internship in the Sound City office as part of the Artist Liaison and Booking team.  This quickly became a full time internship.

The support and encouragement towards interns at Sound City is completely unique and I would 100% agree that this has set me up for a career within music. There are many companies within music that view their interns or apprentices as unskilled labourers and show a lack of trust that will stunt their growth. I was afforded responsibilities under the firm suggestion that I was capable enough to cope and the level of guidance and support meant that I progressed

as a professional very quickly. Every day was an opportunity to better myself should I choose to and this is a perfect environment for young music business professionals.

Once the festival was done, I was asked to join the team on the first every Sound City x Zandari Festa collaboration and travelled out to Seoul, Korea with a party of Sound City curated acts. Apart from being one of the most beneficial experiences of my short career, it is a testament to the Sound City office that an individual who had started as a part time intern 6 months earlier, was then on the other side of the planet representing the company and their ideas.

I can not speak highly enough of the work that goes on at Sound City and while I have moved to another area of the industry, as Product Manager at Sunday Best Recordings, I have no doubt that my friendships and relationships forged in my time there will stay with me and that those experiences have helped the trajectory of my fledgling career.
— Brendan Walsh, Sunday Best Recordings